Specific communities and general public who are beneficiaries of our services appreciate our efforts which have resulted in:-

  • Reduction of crime by 40% to 60%
  • Increase of employment prospects by 40%
  • Improved workplace productivity
  • Cost effectiveness in case management i.e. less expensive compared to rehabilitation and treatment or jail sentence

  • Reduced interpersonal conflicts, domestic violence.
  • Fewer drug related accidents and incidents.
  • Improved quality of life (reduced morbidity and mortality associated with ADSA)
  • Improved economic stability
  • Increased birth rate amongst survivors of ADSA

Future service delivery areas

UHAI aims at delivering quality programmes that will have immense positive impact on the lives of most at risk persons (youth and children) and those affected by ADSA

In respect to our first value, ‘we believe that there should be sober life in the community for all”, We acknowledge that fighting ADSA promotes inclusive development as well as reduced HIV&AIDS and other illnesses associated with drugs.

Target vulnerable populations at risk of drug indulgence and mitigate efforts to control the spread of drug abuse such as recreational sports.

Rehabilitate those affected by ADSA through sustainable interventions and reduce relapses.