Uhai Centre was initiated and started volunteering of services in the year 2011 and has been offering voluntary rehabilitative and counseling services to all Kenyans regardless of their ethnic, religious, age, socio-economic background..

We have partnered with like minded stakeholders in ensuring sobriety and productivity

Our Main Goal

At UHAI Centre, our main driver is Capacity Building. This enhances socio-economic empowerment for sustainable livelihood in our communities.

We focus on reaching out to most vulnerable populations with limited access to information and offer referral services, more particularly to the youth using preventive communication & motivational mentorship strategies’.

Our Capacity

Uhai Centre is equipped and networked with trained and qualified counseling psychologists, psychotherapists and certified addiction professionals who are committed to offering credible, ethical and efficient services to the community

We deliver quality programmes that have immense positive impact on the lives of most at risk persons (youth and children) and people that we serve.


Uhai Centre has partnered with and incorporated the church, schools, community, civil society organizations (CSO’s), the government and other stakeholders to form a strong synergy/ collaboration to address these issues harmoniously.

We believe that everyone must be able to exercise their fundamental human rights and live a sober life.

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Our Partners